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At S.P. Veterinaria, over 25% of our staff are technicians (vets, chemists and pharmacists) and over 10% solely dedicated to research, innovation and the development of new pharmaceutical products.

New technology and discoveries in the pharmaceutical industry ensure an advanced level of knowledge that lets us work today with a vision towards the future.

Two irreplaceable pillars of our company are our internal training programme and continuous quality improvement.

Over the last few years, S.P.Veterinaria has carried out more European research for production animals than any other laboratory in Spain.

Comillas Extreme technical standards in development and production make us research leaders.

S.P. Veterinaria’s aim is not only the manufacture and sale of high-quality pharmaceutical products, but the solution to any pathological problem that arises at our customers’ animal production unit. Therefore we maximise technical research based on therapeutic knowledge of the different end species.


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