Research and development, R+D

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S.P. Veterinaria's R & D department is formed by a high skilled technical staff of qualified veterinarians, pharmacists and chemists; moreover, SPCEN, our specific R&D Centre, participates as well in the development of new drugs.

It is our constant aim and priority to improve and expand the options available for animal health treatments; thereto high quality and efficient veterinary drugs are developed, taking into account both animal welfare and environmental safety.

Being close to veterinarians and farmers, we get a clear view of the real challenges that each area is facing; this guides us to focus our efforts on the research of those products that the animal husbandry really needs today and in future.

Aware of that veterinary medicinal products must evolve at the same pace as does the animal health status, SP Veterinaria maintains contacts with leading Universities and Research Centers at National and European level to meet the future challenges.


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